GSAA Megabook Story

November 01, 2010 | inda Klinger

Reina Navarrete attended public school for first through ninth grade. The summer of 2009 she worked with the Magabook program and earned some scholarship monies, which enabled her to enroll at Gem State Adventist Academy for the 2009–2010 school year. But in January, her scholarship money ran out and her parents could not assist her (Navarrete is the oldest of six children). Sadly, she had to go back to Middleton High for the last half of her sophomore year.

Navarrete says, "I'm so glad to be back at GSAA and this time I'm here to stay! I want to be used by God. But when I am with people who don't want a relationship with Him, I get discouraged and lose my resolve and before I know it, I'm just going with the flow. I'm so grateful for GSAA's No Student Turned Away commitment!"

Navarrete is excited about sharing her faith. She currently conducts three Bible studies each week. Her joy in Jesus is contagious. Navarrete needs GSAA and GSAA needs Navarrete.