Valley View VBS Goes to Egypt

When you think of Egypt, what comes to mind — a hot desert, slaves and mummies? For many at the Valley View Church, in Medford, Ore., Egypt brings back thoughts of a wonderful week of Vacation Bible School.

On June 20, more than 60 children, plus parents and volunteers, participated in the great adventure of Egypt: Joseph's Journey from Prison to Palace. Children were greeted by the Egyptian registration crew, assigned to a family group and ushered into Egypt to sing praises to the one true God.

Market time was enjoyed by all as adults and children visited various shops, including the embalmer, hieroglyphic artist, barbershop, Cairo collars, basket weaving, brick making, food, toys, animal courtyard and the pyramid playground. At the linen shop, children had the privilege of participating in Operation Kid-to-Kid where they made blankets to be sent to at-risk, lonely children in Africa.

As each group visited Joseph nightly, they heard stories of how God cared for him in most difficult situations and how Joseph still chose to serve the one true God even amidst trials and persecution.

On the sixth night of VBS, the children learned about the Sabbath and how God gave us a special day to worship Him. They were then invited back the next day on Sabbath morning for a special concluding program and luncheon.

Sabbath morning the sanctuary filled with parents and "Hebrew" children who helped lead songs of praise and participate in special music. Then a multimedia presentation transported all to Egypt as the week was relived and shared with the congregation. In addition, 30 volunteers portrayed the life of Joseph in Egypt.

All who attended this special Sabbath morning received a great blessing and encouragement to be faithful until the end.

Featured in: September 2010