Summer Campers Discover Jesus

A counselor instructed her campers to write a letter to God. After a few minutes, one girl wrote, “Dear God, I don’t know if you’re listening or not, but my counselor talks about you all the time and you sound really awesome. I’d really like to get to know you more.”

All summer long, campers at Sunset Lake Camp in Wilkeson, Wash., have been on a road trip to discover more about Jesus. This year, more than 150 campers made decisions for baptism.

“I am so excited about what God is doing at Sunset Lake,” says David Yeagley, camp director. “We have an incredible evangelistic work taking place at Sunset Lake.”

The journey for a road trip-themed summer began on the road as camp leaders traveled to Adventist colleges, universities and academies to select a staff of 70 passionate, mission-oriented young adults. These staff members dedicated themselves to dynamically sharing Jesus with each and every camper.

“We saw a dramatic increase in completely unchurched campers who have little or no knowledge of who Jesus is,” says Yeagley. “It has been exciting to see how our staff have been impacting these kids.”

The adventures at camp seem boundless. In one day, a camper can ride horses, wakeboard, role-play in Bible Study, climb the rock wall and make duct tape wallets. Yet, amid all these activities, the thing that keeps bringing kids back to camp is the relationship they discover in Christ.

Featured in: September 2010