Sabbath Keepers Go the Extra Mile

The weekend of June 11–13 found bikers from around the United States and Canada riding into Baker City, Ore., for the annual Hells Canyon Motorcycle Rally. The majority of the riders came to ride some of the best motorcycle roads in Oregon during the day and to party in the evening. One small group of riders, however, had another purpose in mind. Members of the Sabbath Keepers Motorcycle Ministry came to provide an opportunity for those who desired to obtain free religious literature.

Even though the motorcycle community is often considered unreachable, Sabbath Keepers are trying to follow Ellen White's counsel we "are not to wait for souls to come; we must seek them out where they are. There are multitudes that will never be reached by the Gospel unless it is carried to them," (Christ's Object Lessons, p. 229). Sabbath Keepers began as an outreach ministry of the Hollister (Calif.) Church in 1997. Interest has grown with chapters in California, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Oklahoma and British Columbia, Canada.

Tom Infante, Southwest Washington chapter president, was a biker before his conversion to Adventism. "There was a lot of partying," he says. "It was how you fit in and became part of the crowd." He now has a different view. "The sole purpose of going on a bike run is to make friends and develop opportunity for the Lord to do His work in those we become friends with," he says.

The Southwest Washington chapter of the Sabbath Keepers began in May 2008 as a ministry of the Woodland (Wash.) Church. Members of this ministry attend motorcycle rallies and charity rides around the Northwest. They also visit other Adventist churches to share the ministry and encourage others to help spread the Gospel in unique ways.

Featured in: September 2010