Milo's MG Masterpiece

The IT department at Milo Academy encourages creativity and personal projects as a way to grow. Even though three year senior Tad Freeman from Lebanon, Oregon, was not in metals or woods class, he was praying for a personal project: something to work on in his spare time that would show tangible growth by the end of the year.

One day, Tad went on a bike ride up the highway from Milo. Parked behind a barn in a tangle of weeds and blackberries was an MG Midget, a type of car that Tad had loved for years. He called the owner who said that if Tad was willing to clean the back 40, he could haul the 1971 car away for free.

Tad was so excited to see how God worked things out. Knowing he didn’t have all the skills, but figuring he was teachable, he decided to give it a shot and try to accomplish something new. Tad’s job as head resident assistant, his role in choir and a small singing group, and his desire to graduate with honors kept him busy, but he poured all his extra time into that car and it quickly became something he looked forward to each day.

Tad learned how to fix up a car from top to bottom and inside out, but he feels that he also learned some valuable life skills at the same time. He says, “It taught me patience! I learned to ask others with more experience for help and guidance and I learned how rewarding it can be to seek out answers and apply them to my life and what I was doing!” He says he also learned to not be upset when problems arose, because often one problem caused him to notice something else that needed work and saved him time and money in the long run.

The biggest growth Tad noticed was the development of his sense of self-worth. He so enjoyed working on that car that he felt that no matter what else anyone said, he was happy.

Through his year-long project, Tad grew to love noticing that “God is interested in our projects and our interests.” When he drives his ‘new car’ he is reminded that if God gave us the most important thing in the universe, His Son Jesus, how much more will He give us the desires of our heart.

Featured in: September 2010