Idaho Conference Hires K–12 Recruiter

The Idaho Conference recently hired Tom Sherwood to assist the 13 elementary schools and Gem State Adventist Academy with their recruitment efforts.

Sherwood has a bachelor's degree in theology from Walla Walla University and accreditation in elementary education. He has served in the Adventist church throughout his career as an elementary-school teacher.

Sherwood is eager to spend time listening and getting acquainted with parents and prospective students. He believes Adventist schools have much more to offer than parents sometimes perceive, and unless one takes time to become friends, one may never understand what they are missing. He is eager to share his own experiences in regards to Adventist education — both from his perspective as a parent and as an experienced teacher.

Sherwood's credo in the classroom is to create an environment that is a safe place to discover the rewards of learning one's potential, setting goals and practicing toward mastery. He says, "When kids feel valued, they become stronger listeners and learners." This same philosophy of respect, friendship and open communication will serve Sherwood well in his new role as K–12 recruiter.

The Sherwoods have two children. Their oldest, Adriel, is married to Cameron Cook; their youngest child is Phillip. They are the proud grandparents of Cadence Cook.

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