Burning to Build LCAS Builds a New Facility in Same Location

Lewis County (Wash.) Adventist School was burned to the ground on Sunday, June 27 — on purpose. It wasn't too many hours before the 57-year-old structure, under the supervision of local fire departments, was reduced from a single-story, six-classroom school to smoldering ashes.

In May 2007, LCAS constituency unanimously voted to build a new school. Various options were considered, and plans finally came together in the fall of 2009 to build a new school in the footprint of the old school. With the bottomed economy, lower building costs will be incurred, providing a blessing to offset tightened pocketbooks.

The once-proud structure, now completely gone, will be replaced by a two-story, 28,000-square-foot school that includes seven classrooms, a science lab, a library, a well-equipped kitchen, a regulation gym and a preschool/daycare center.

The constituent churches of Centralia, Chehalis and Winlock, Wash., have seen God at work as permits were issued in record time, the prescribed money raised just 90 minutes before the deadline, the feared asbestos was nearly negligible and even more miracles occurred.

While the new facility is built, LCAS will hold classes at Chehalis Adventist Church. Occupation of the new building is expected to be in the fall of 2011.

Memories will burn on as the ashes are shoveled away and the groundbreaking shovels dig in. Dreams of a modern structure to accommodate today's technology are just starting to be turned into reality. Keep track of the building process online at lcas.org.

Featured in: September 2010