AAA Welcomes New Faculty and Staff

Schedules are set, lockers are organized and the ringing bell in the hall announces the start of a new school year. As the 2010–2011 academic calendar begins, Auburn Adventist Academy is delighted to introduce several new faculty and staff members who have joined the team.

New principal Samir Berbawy previously served as the president of the Egypt Field as well as principal of Lodi (Calif.) Academy.

Jennifer Woody, whose love for Christ and ministry experience makes her uniquely suited to be the new assistant girls' dean, joins the academy team.

Cyndee Broder is AAA's new marketing and recruiting director. Having worked as an elementary school teacher, she is enthusiastic about Christian education.

Gregg Wahlstrom, former principal of Buena Vista Elementary School, is putting his passion for plants and gardening into beautifying AAA's campus.

As librarian, janitorial supervisor and volleyball coach, Amy Kobberstad brings her talents to the team.

Andrews University student Natalie Weir, who graduated from AAA in 2007, serves as taskforce girls' dean.

Rebecca Schulz, a 2009 alumnus, returns to the academy as apprentice supervisor in the cafeteria.

With the newest additions to Auburn Adventist Academy’s faculty family, AAA is looking forward to a fantastic year. Dedicated to excellence in education and committed to nurturing students in the ways of Christ, faculty and staff dedicate the school year to God.

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