Silverton Celebrates Earth Day

July 01, 2010

April 17 was earth Day at the Oregon Garden in Silverton, Ore. — a big community event, and an opportunity to share our emphasis on the benefits of a vegetarian diet. Fitting in with the day's emphasis to better the earth, our local church's Act of Kindness team had set up an attractive display.

As attendees entered the exhibition pavilion, the appetizing aroma of warming oat pecan burgers attracted the crowds, making our booth the obviously best attended.

Not only were the samples and recipe sheets enthusiastically received, but many interesting and positive contacts were made. Periodic drawings for a free cook book were made from the stage, the winner being announced by the loudspeaker.

Irma Schneider, our church's Acts of Kindness leader, summed it up well when she said, "This bears a repeat next year."