Basketballin' for Haiti

If you had peeked into the gym at Portland Adventist Academy, in Portland, Ore., on the morning of March 21, you would have found more than 50 people warming up for the basketball tournament set to begin at 10 a.m. What would make these people not only spend the next 10 hours playing basketball but pay money to do it? A good cause, of course!

Gabriel Canals, Your Bible Speaks Community Church youth coordinator, helped organize a basketball tournament last year, and after the earthquake in Haiti he thought the same concept could be used to raise money for the families struggling in Haiti.

PAA donated its gym for the day, and Adventist Medical Center, Adventist Federal Credit Union and Scott Ward, at John Hancock Financial Network, sponsored the event. They, along with the competing teams, raised more than $1,300 for Adventist Development and Relief Agency's Haiti project. Now they can’t wait for the next good reason to hold another tournament.

Featured in: June 2010