Woodland Church Members Deliver Delicious Holiday Cheer

Members of the Woodland (Wash.) Church spread holiday cheer by providing delicious Thanksgiving and Christmas meals for local families in 2009.

Since 2001, members have been preparing the meal boxes. What started as a small project in the women’s ministries department has grown to involve nearly the entire congregation. This year Woodland Church volunteers prepared 59 boxes, providing meals for 211 people in the community.

"The need has grown every year," says Pam Bennett, church member, “and we keep growing to meet it.”

Each box includes ingredients for several meals, fresh produce, recipes and a holiday card from the church. “Each box is made to order for a specific family,” says Janice Ross, church member and founder of the project. “Some go to individuals and couples, while others go to families of eight.”

Members donate food and money to supply a year-round pantry for those in need and to supply the holiday food box project.

“We used to deliver the boxes for Christmas,” says Ross. “Now we get them out early so families can bake all through the holidays.”

Featured in: February 2010