Baptism Highlights Springfield Christmas Program

The baptism of a smiling, Linda Pelkey was the peak of a high Sabbath in Springfield, Ore., Dec. 19, 2009. This was Lutz Binus' first baptism as new pastor to Springfield Church. Violins, little angels guarding a baby Jesus, readings, voices raised in carols, and praise accompanied ushering in a new member. A special welcome dinner was held after church in honor of Pelkey's baptism.

As a child, Pelkey attended church per her parents' insistence, although they did not attend with her. Her childhood pastor asked her annually if she was ready to give her heart fully to the Lord. At age 13 she said, "Yes, I do love Jesus and want to live for Him." She was baptized, but as school and family influences pulled, her faith drifted. When her marriage ended in divorce, she once again started seeking God and the surety and peace she found in Him as a young person. She made some Adventists friends, James and Caroline McHan, and attended the church women's retreat in Florence, Ore., this past year. "This is when I really decided this is where the Lord wants me. The women were so kind, lovely and caring. The Lord's love shone through them," she says.

To be baptized on a Sabbath with holiday music and praise, was an appropriate and fitting gift to God on the day celebrating His birth on earth.

Featured in: February 2010