Washington Begins to GLOW

No matter your age, there is a new and easy way for you to share your faith. Giving Light to Our World (GLOW) is a literature ministries program where participants are challenged to distribute at least three tracts a day.

While GLOW is a new ministry in western Washington, the program began in the Central California Conference and spread to Michigan, Arizona, Southern California, Idaho, Upper Columbia, and now to Washington Conference.

"The concept of literature evangelism is not new," says John Freedman, Washington Conference president. "We are reviving and investing this ministry as an easy way for our church members to personally get involved in sharing Jesus."

The Bible-based literature covers topics including peace, health, talking with God, trusting the Bible, end of the world, the second coming, and answers to questions like "What happens when you die?" and "Does God care that I'm hurting?"

Each tract offers an opportunity for people to sign-up for Bible studies by calling a toll-free number or visiting glowonline.org, an outreach ministry Web site. Bible study requests are forwarded to local churches.

GLOW is a component of Souls Northwest, a new literature ministries initiative in the Northwest. It is specifically designed to involve youth and young adults in soul-winning activities while bringing revival to churches, schools and ministries.

A New Team Member

Washington Conference recently hired John Miller II as literature ministries coordinator. Miller will provide leadership and training for GLOW and lead Youth Rush (formerly Youth Challenge), a summer Magabook program.

Miller is a 2008 graduate of Souls West, an outreach leadership school in Arizona, where he gained hands-on training in literature evangelism. Miller worked in the Central California Conference before accepting the invitation from the Washington Conference in September 2009.

Teaching Others to GLOW

Already, seven churches and one academy are committed to literature ministries, and Miller is involving church members of all ages in creative literature distribution.

Sixteen Auburn City (Wash.) Pathfinders went door to door on Oct. 31, 2009, to "GLOW in the Dark" while handing out hundreds of GLOW tracts about what happens after death.

In early November, 20 people from the Olympia Transformation Life Center in Olympia, Wash., arranged to sing and distribute literature at a local nursing home.

Get involved in GLOW by visiting www.washingtonglow.org or calling (253) 681-6027.

Featured in: January 2010