A Spiritual Lifeline Ministries Class Experiences Practical Application

For the staff of Positive Life Radio, the Adventist radio station broadcasting from the campus of Walla Walla University, cooperation with students is a time-honored tradition. But when Kevin Krueger, station manager and afternoon host, invited Paul Dybdahl, professor, and students from the WWU School of Theology to take prayer requests from anxious listeners, it was an exciting step forward.

As part of a continued effort to strengthen communication with listeners throughout the Inland Northwest, PLR, a family of stations in Eastern Washington whose signal also reaches deep into Oregon and Idaho, has developed a prayer line that gives people a chance to call and share their concerns.

"I didn't expect such a high volume of calls," Dybdahl says. "When Kevin mentions on-air that the phone lines are open for prayer requests, the calls come in!

"It has been a great addition to the church and personal ministry class that I teach," he continues. "The class already includes practical components including home visitation and Bible studies, but answering phones and praying with callers was a new and somewhat unique ministry opportunity."

While the staff of PLR, which includes several student announcers, frequently takes prayer requests from listeners throughout the week, the sessions on Thursday evenings are emphasized with special on-air promotions and encouragements to call. Occasionally, the prayer requests can be difficult, rather sensitive subjects.

"I was surprised at the willingness of callers to share such personal needs with me," Dybdahl explains. "I was especially moved by a caller who was with her family at the bedside of her dying father. Clearly, PLR is an important spiritual lifeline to many people."

Krueger is excited the program has had a successful start but envisions it growing into something even larger.

"The program is still in its infancy, but we've already been blessed," Krueger says. "My prayer is that throughout the year we would be able to engage several hundred students, faculty and staff. The opportunity to pray with someone going through a rough spot in life is a true honor."

Featured in: January 2010