Salmon Adventist Church Unlocks Revelation

The Salmon (Idaho) Church recently finished a series of meetings with Richard Halversen titled Unlocking the Puzzle of Revelation. Ten people made a decision to be baptized and two were re-baptized.

John, a newly baptized member, previously walked away from God but reconnected with Him at the meetings. John is experiencing the newness that comes from God's presence, not addictive behaviors. John's wife and children join him each Sabbath to study and worship.

Chris, a newly baptized member, says "I knew I should have attended the Seventh-day Adventist Church for years. I was tired of trying to live life myself. I want a new start, a new life refreshed with God as my guide."

Doug and Krista, with Tristan, their son, moved to the area looking for a fresh start. They quickly found employment, a home and the Salmon Adventist School. They heard about and attended the meetings. Now baptized, they have become involved in the church’s maintenance ministry and co-lead the music program at the school.

The church recently held a Welcome-to-the-Family banquet in honor of the new members. A slide show highlighted all those who were baptized during the past year.

Miracles happen when church members invite Jesus to take over.

Featured in: January 2010