Pocatello Pathfinders Blast Off

"Five, four, three, two, one, BLAST OFF!" shouted the members of the newly-formed Pathfinder Club from Pocatello, Idaho. Model rocketry is just one of the honors members of the Pocatello Falcons have been working on since their first meeting in September 2009.

It has been several years since there was an active Pathfinder Club in Pocatello. Honestly, it has been several years since there were enough children to do much of anything in Pocatello. But that all changed this summer. It began with dreams and prayers of a couple of families who wanted to have Vacation Bible School. They decided, if God was impressing them with a desire to have VBS, perhaps He was waiting for them to lead out. That desire became a reality and the Pocatello Church held a successful VBS this summer.

VBS seemed to re-ignite the interest of the children and willingness of parents to get involved. The Pathfinder club grew out of a desire to keep momentum going and include new children who had attended. Daniel Lifshay, Pathfinder says, "working on the honors is really cool and we are learning to help other people." Others are excited about learning Lego robotics, going camping, and serving the community. All are enjoying being part of a team.

Since September, the Pocatello Falcons have been marching and drilling, learning the law and the pledge, working on honors and forming friendships.

Featured in: January 2010