International Students Benefit From AAA's New Orientation Program

Students from 11 countries arrived early on the campus of Auburn Adventist Academy to participate in a new, three-day international student orientation program.

This new orientation helps international students understand American culture and serves as an introduction to the Auburn campus.

"This orientation has been very helpful to me and made me feel more comfortable in my surroundings," says Sally Lee of Korea.

The youth participated in English placement exams, tours of AAA's campus and the Seattle area, and short interviews with the English as a Second Language teachers.

"I feel more prepared for the school year because of orientation," says Jinny Lee of Korea. "I'm really excited that I came here, and I like it a lot already."

The mission of this program is to help international students get to know the campus better and facilitate an easier adjustment to their new environment.

"Students greatly benefit from this orientation," shares Troy Carle, Auburn's ESL director, "because they familiarize themselves with the school and have a comfortable introduction to our programs on campus."

Featured in: October 2009