Bible Study Groups Strengthen Emerald City

A Sabbath Bible Study, held at the Emerald City Adventist Community Church in Seattle, Wash., has proven to be an asset to the church.

The study is in its third year and began when one newly baptized member continued to seek knowledge of the Word of God through study with Eric Salisbury, Bible worker, after the church service. It became a way to learn more about what God had to say and a way to spend the rest of the Sabbath involved in an activity pleasing and acceptable to God.

"The Bible study group has fostered love, joy, social interaction, fun, food, spirituality and a closer walk with God and each other," says one Bible study attendee.

It has since branched out to include many small home Bible study groups. The most profound impact is the number of attendees who have become leaders.

Featured in: October 2009