Spirit of Service AAA's Auto Mech Class Impacts Community

Every evening the sound of students hard at work in Spady Hall's auto mechanic shop echoes throughout Auburn Adventist Academy's campus.

Joe McWilliam, instructor, informed his class at the beginning of the year that their assignment was to get a car donated, fix it up and sell it. If they sold the car when completed, they would not only gain class credit, but also receive 20 percent of the sale price.

Auto mechanics students promptly tried to obtain donated cars. Their excitement over the project grew, much to the surprise of the students. Soon, they began to come in during their free time to work on their cars.

Matt Hubbard, a junior from McKenna, Wash., found a 1986 Isuzu Trooper and got it donated. Dedicated to earning a profit, he began to push himself harder to finish his car.

An opportunity of service was brought to McWilliam's attention. He presented it to the class. Hubbard quickly decided to take him up on this challenge. Hubbard resolved to give up a profit and donate it to the South King County Outreach program. When asked why he did this, Hubbard responded, "If it doesn't cost you something, it's not a gift."

Auburn students have a spirit to help others instilled in their hearts, whether it is by tutoring peers, going on mission trips or donating their car to a good cause.

Featured in: August 2009