Bald Butte Survives Close Shave for Worthy Cause

Matthew Butte, principal and Jay Pierce, athletic director, both very important people around Columbia Adventist Academy, have been showing off their new looks around campus.

At a dinner auction and fundraiser for the senior class of 2009, both men agreed to have their heads shaved for the seniors' cause.

As reported in the Columbian (a newspaper serving Clark Country), Pierce brought some clippers and offered his hair as an auction item. The bidding topped out at $165.

At that point, Pierce turned to Butte and suggested: "How about Mr. Butte, with a two-for-one?"

"Sure," Butte replied. "If it's for five or six figures."

That's when one of the guests asked Butte if $50,000 was good enough.

All Butte could say was "Okay."

The winning bidder, who preferred to go unnamed, took the clippers and went to work.

"I didn't expect anybody to take me up on it. I've never had it this short," Butte says. "My 5-year-old daughter won't speak of it."

Total funds raised during the night totaled just over $60,000. Thank you to all for your generous support!

Featured in: July 2009