Healthy Choices

When You Golf, Walk the Course

Golfers may attain health benefits, including healthier hearts, lower cholesterol and reduced stress, when they walk the course instead of using a cart. Every round you play, you walk 2 to 5 miles, and burn around 500 calories. In one study, golfers walked, on average, more than 13,000 steps while playing 18 holes.

How Edna Lived to Age 115

The world's oldest person, Edna Parker, died recently at the age of 115. Her son pointed out that she never smoked, never drank alcohol, led an active life, maintained a healthy weight, and was never a worrier. Even though she spent her last years in a nursing home, she kept active, walked a lot, and often pushed other patients in their wheelchairs.

A New Way to Test for Colorectal Cancer

Colonoscopy has recently been considered the most accurate method for detecting colon cancer and is recommended for adults 50 years of age or older. If you've put it off because you don't like the thought of the procedure, there's now an alternative. A virtual colonoscopy is a noninvasive procedure that uses x-rays and computers to diagnose polyps and cancer. No sedation is needed, and you can return to your usual activities right after the test. Read more at:

Feeling Tired?

As many as 40 percent of Americans report feeling fatigue and sleepiness due to lack of sleep. Fatigue increases your risk for accidents, makes you more impatient, causes you to make mistakes, and slows your reaction time. When you are tired, you don't enjoy life as much. A walking program is an excellent way to build more energy—and improve sleep at the same time! Read about problem sleepiness at:

Featured in: March 2009


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