MVAS Museum Project Brings Historical Characters to Life

July 01, 2008 | Bobbie Grimstad

Palmer Church members and the community had an opportunity to rub shoulders with Queen Elizabeth I at the Living History Museum presented by Sherry Daily, teacher, and the Mat Valley Adventist School on March 8. Other historical characters represented by 20 students from kindergarten through eighth-grade included: Isaac Newton, Walt Disney, Rosa Parks and the boy David who killed Goliath.

The students wore costumes from the period of their selected historical character, complete with regal gowns, stiff collars, carefully applied makeup and penciled-in mustaches. Each child stood by his or her display, ready to discuss their character with guests and answer questions. Each child also gave an oral presentation as their character, imitating accents, mannerisms and personality traits.

“I wanted to do something different that combined history, English and reading,” says Daily. “I gave them this assignment at the very beginning of the year. The students had to do a display table of accomplishments and a timeline of the life of their character highlighting important events. The older children did formal research papers for English, correctly documenting references. We also had a discussion about plagiarism,” she says.

“I believe every student can succeed. They each have their own gift, and it is my job to help them find it. The Living History Museum has been a lot of fun. The kids have been very excited about it," says Daily.