Columbia Students Finish Second But Leave First Place Impressions

Columbia Adventist Academy's Varsity Knowledge Bowl Team Takes Second Place in the Regional Tournament

The Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) Knowledge Bowl Varsity Team had a fun and rewarding day at the Regional Tournament. It was held on Feb. 26 at the Lower Columbia Community College in Longview, Wash.The team consisted of Holly Hack, Ryand Boardman, Erika Sanderson and Helenlyn Popescu (not pictured).

The competition started with a written round on which the team scored very well. This was followed by two oral rounds to determine which teams would play in the final championship round. The CAA team won both of the oral rounds, giving them a strong lead going into the championship round. The team was leading in the very tight championship round until the last 10 questions when they were just edged out by a few points by the Wahkiakum team.

Their team was ecstatic. They shook the CAA team members’ hands, saying, “It has been our dream to beat you for years!” They have never gotten to go to the State Tournament, except by default when the CAA team opts out every year because the State Tournament is always held on Sabbath.

Team coach Virlys Moller says, “This win felt especially good for Wahkiakum, and we congratulate them on a well-earned win.” Bringing home a second place finish stung a little since Columbia has a long tradition of bringing home the first place trophy from the Regional Tournament.

Lady Kodiak Basketball Team Gets High Praise for Second Place Win in the WWC Friendship Tournament

Once in awhile, a school receives a letter or a phone call with great news about their students. Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) was lucky enough to receive one of these recently. In February, Walla Walla College hosted the annual Friendship Tournament. The CAA Lady Kodiaks lost the championship game in double overtime in the last seconds of the game. It was a tough loss for them and all of their fans. A few weeks later, one of the referees for that game took the time to sit down and send this e-mail to CAA athletic director Brian Harris, who says, "We wanted to share the good news that our kids were caught in the act displaying the very things we try to teach them here at CAA."

Here is what the e-mail said:

Mr. Harris,

Last month I had the honor of working the Girls' Championship game at the WWC Friendship tournament. I'm sure you are already aware of the type of game this was and the excitement that was there that Saturday night. Your girls played with the true sprit and drive that high school sports are meant to bring out. Their sportsmanship was the best that I have seen in that type of game in years. I can't express to you how much as an official I appreciated working with those girls. Even as the game was winding down, they never wavered in their positive attitude.

As for your coaching staff, let me say that those two men were the best two coaches that I have worked with in years. The respect that they showed toward my crew, and the other team, was a model of what sportsmanship should look like.

I'm sure that the girls are still hurting from the loss of a hard fought game and although they lost that night there is no doubt that they have been taught some great skills that will make them winners down the road.

Please pass on my appreciation to your girls’ coaching staff and if you have a newsletter that goes out to parents feel free to post my letter.

With Respect,

Tanner Mink

“Receiving this e-mail was definitely a highlight of the year for me,” says Harris. “We’ve always known our girls have good sportsmanship, but it’s nice to have that acknowledged by those we come in contact with.”

Featured in: May 2007