Monte Robison Ordained to Ministry

Monte Robison was ordained on Nov. 4, 2006, at the New Life at Glendoveer Church. Robison, the son of a pastor, has always been drawn to spiritual things and began his college experience majoring in theology. However, he then decided to become a nurse.

As he began his family and his career, Monte became more and more active in his local churches from leading Sabbath School to participating in a church-plant project. Eventually he was asked to serve as a part-time assistant pastor at Sunset Christian Fellowship and eventually the associate pastor.

The Oregon Conference administration appreciated Robison’s dedication and enthusiasm and recognized God was calling him to full-time ministry. They invited Robison to attend the Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University in Michigan. Upon returning to Oregon, Robison served in the Springfield–Junction City district. Currently he serves as the pastor of the New Life at Glendoveer and Columbia Gorge churches.

“I cast myself on the tender mercies of Jehovah God,” said Robison. “I look to Him to keep me in the way. On this day of milestones, dedication, and celebration, I remind myself that without Him we can do nothing; but with Him, we can do all the things He calls us to.”

Featured in: March 2007