Encouragement and Bible Study Brings New Member to Delta Junction

Christiana Havel’s decision to be baptized into the Delta Junction Church was not made quickly. In fact, when she first came to Delta Junction a number of years ago, she was not even sure that God existed.

After experiencing a devastating family tragedy while living in Germany, Havel became an interpreter for the U.S. Army. She eventually followed the Army to the United States.

After living in a number of locations in Alaska, she settled into a house right behind the Adventist church in Delta Junction. Through providential leadings, Havel came in contact with a number of local Adventists who encouraged her and offered Bible studies.

With the gentle guidance of her Adventist friends and the influence of the Spirit, she slowly began to see the loving God of the Bible instead of a harsh, punishing God. Lorraine Ueeck, church clerk, arranged for Havel to have access to a church key, which she used to let herself into the church during the week for private prayer and meditation.

Tammie Kovalenko, a Delta Junction member, first met Havel while working in a greenhouse five years ago. “Christiana is a very compassionate person who wants goodwill for all people,” remarked Kovalenko. “Through the members of our church, Christiana began to feel the influence of our persistent, pursuing God.”

Featured in: January 2007