Mysteries of the Deep AAA Students Earn Scuba Certification

December 01, 2006 | Karissa Rogers

The ocean has been guarding many mysteries since the beginning of time. For the past two-and-a-half months, however, students at Auburn Adventist Academy have been shedding light on some of these deep dark secrets by attending scuba class.

“Once you’re underwater, you are pretty much weightless,” said Morgan Waldrip, a junior taking the class.

Participants begin learning and practicing their diving techniques at the academy's Miller Aquatics Center.

This class, taught from August to October, allows students the opportunity to make four ventures into the open ocean. Students took their first open water dive at Redondo Beach, Wash., to see the ocean from an entirely new perspective.

“Scuba diving is a good opportunity for our academy because the Puget Sound is one of the top cold water diving spots in the world," said Bob Kilgore, athletics director. "Providing this class is important because it offers students the chance to enjoy a lifetime sport.”

Over the past 20 years that the class has been offered, numerous young people have earned P.E. and college credits as well as becoming certified scuba divers.

Lizzy Altman, sophomore, shares why taking the class was meaningful to her. “Getting my scuba certification made me excited, because now I have more opportunities to enjoy what God has made.”