SAGE Volunteers Assist Habitat for Humanity

An Adventist family in Poulsbo is the recipient of a new home from Habitat for Humanity.

Nearly 20 SAGE volunteers participated in the “Blitz Week,” which saw the house framed and roofed, exterior siding, plumbing, and doors and windows installed, all in just five days. The house was completed in mid-October.

Pablito, Belma and Michelle Reyes have lived in a small trailer for the past dozen years. When the roof started leaking a few years ago, they were unable to repair it properly. As a result, their furnishings were damaged and moldy, and they started experiencing asthma symptoms. This new home is an answer to their prayers.

SAGE members also helped provide some new furniture, bedding and other household items to give the Reyeses a fresh start in their new home.

Pablito is a computer technician and Belma works as a nurse aide. Teenage daughter Michelle, a talented musician, is a student at Auburn Adventist Academy. The Reyeses are members of the Poulsbo Adventist Church.

Like all who receive homes from Habitat for Humanity, the Reyes family contributed 500 hours of volunteer labor on their home and other projects. SAGE volunteers, and other volunteers, provided 1,284 on-site hours during blitz week.

Featured in: November 2006