"Ellen G. White: Past, Present, Future" Oregon Conference Ellen White Summit

The Oregon Conference launched its first Ellen White Summit last November to clarify the role that Ellen White’s writings play in the mission of the church and in the personal lives of church members.

Scott LeMert, Oregon Conference assistant to the president, had heard about a similar event that happened in Australia, and he knew that the Oregon Conference needed such an event. “[He] came to me,” says Don Livesay, Oregon Conference president, “and said, ‘It’s time we have a summit about Ellen White to help our people understand and use this gift properly.’” Livesay agreed, and LeMert began to create the program and to develop a first-rate panel of speakers that included George Knight, Jon Paulien, Craig Newborn, and Jud Lake.

Believed to be the first such event sponsored by a conference in the North American Division, the Ellen White Summit proved to be an overwhelming success. One thousand people registered for the live program at Gladstone Park Conference Center with recordings available to multitudes more.

During the summit, the featured speakers covered topics that included inspiration in general, critics of Ellen White, and how to use and interpret her writings. “The goal of this summit [was] for people to recognize the valid, true gift God has given His church,” says Livesay, “and to use it in a valid, true way.”

Recordings of the summit in CD and DVD formats are available through the Clackamas Adventist Book Center. For more information, call (800) 765-6955 (within the Oregon Conference) or (800) 772-4795 (outside of the Oregon Conference).

Featured in: March 2006