A Boy and His Coach Are Baptized

In the spring of 2005 during family worship, Jeff Crain, Omak (Wash.) Church pastor, asked whom the family members would like to pray for. His son, Joey, asked for prayer for his coach, Jack Beers, “that he would love Jesus and come to church.”

Crain had first met Beers when Joey signed up to play softball. He had noticed how all the young boys loved Beers. Family prayers for Beers continued for a period of months. In early summer, Beers went to his doctor and learned that he was seriously ill with cancer. The first person he called was Crain. Visitation by the pastor and George Wilson, Omak Church head elder, followed, and in time, Beers asked to be baptized.

Joey had asked to be baptized last year. In consideration of his age, the request had not been granted. When Joey continued his requests, his father told him that he would baptize him if he attended the October evangelistic services. Joey demonstrated his commitment by attending every meeting!

Tim Johnson brought his friend Misty Logan to the recent evangelistic meetings. She was baptized, and he re-committed his life through re-baptism.

Featured in: March 2006