Whipple Creek Hosts Revelation Now

January 01, 2006 | Euna Givens

The newly formed Whipple Creek Church recently hosted North Pacific Union Conference evangelist Jac Colón and his wife ‘dena for a Revelation Now seminar.

During the seminar, Colón also conducted a field school of evangelism for seminary students from Andrews University who assisted in many ways to enhance the seminar. Visitation teams, including lay members, went out to encourage and pray with attendees and assist with transportation problems or any other obstacles to their attendance.

The field school is part of the curriculum at Andrews, giving students practical experience in the basics of successful evangelism. Though coming from diverse backgrounds and geographical areas, the students were a harmonious group. Donovan Kack, a pastor from Libby, Mont., and son of Donovan Kack, the Whipple Creek Church pastor, sat in on the sessions and was a great addition to the visitation teams.

Hurricane Katrina complicated Colón's usual format, however, by uprooting his mother from her Louisiana home, bringing her to the Northwest for 'dena to care for until it was safe to return. 'dena Colón normally sings just before Pastor Colón speaks as an introduction to his subject of the evening. She also takes care of the sales table (CDs, DVDs, print-outs) and the many details that make a seminar successful. Since she needed to stay home with Jac’s mother, the lay people of the church, along with eight seminary students, jumped in and filled the gap.

Due to the unfinished condition of the church, the seminar began at Alki Middle School, later transferring to the Whipple Creek Church. The faithful attendees transferred to uncarpeted floors and rented folding chairs, not wanting to miss a single one of the powerful sermons. Before the seminar ended, the carpet and upholstered chairs were in place.

Oct. 8, the final Sabbath of the series, was a high day. After a sermon on “The Family of God” and the assurance that the incoming new members were now a part of that family, the seminar attendees were invited to individual homes for lunch. This not only provided an opportunity to get better acquainted and bond with regular members, but also gave attendees an introduction to delicious vegetarian cooking.

In the evening, 16 people were baptized, and seven others transferred in on profession of faith. Several others are preparing for future baptism.

Whipple Creek is growing—inside as well as out.