Single, But Not Alone

January 01, 2006 | Amy Schrader

A little more than 300 single adults gathered at Gladstone Park Conference Center for the Northwest Single Adult Ministries Conference held Nov. 4–5, 2005. With a full schedule of main sessions, breakout seminars, and social times, participants could never claim boredom.

“Dr. Sharon Hart May was outstanding as a general session speaker,” said Lorene Soderstrom. “Her excellent professional background and first-hand life experiences as a widowed adult and single mother and her later successful remarriage experience provided her with the ability to speak to the needs of each individual present.”

Harvey Corwin, Oregon Conference family life director, says the North American Division statistics indicate that 48 percent of Adventist Church members are single. In light of that, we have a very important ministry to think about.

Many times singles ministry is not fully understood. Darlene Reimche, British Columbia Conference single adult ministries director, explains, “Adventist single adult ministries provides a place to experience the love and acceptance of Christian friends, a place of ministry for the single adult, and above all, a place where Jesus, the ultimate single, mingles.”

“God has a purpose for each single person to live his or her life at this very moment—not despite being single,” says Corwin, “but through being single.”