Healthy by Choice Not by Chance

January 01, 2006 | Kathy Morris

In October, 25 people registered for the “Health & Cooking” class at the Cave Junction Church where they discovered with delight that healthy food can be delicious. Each evening the participants enjoyed hearing health tips and sampling the tasty recipes.

On graduation evening, the class was in a holiday mood. They brought Thanksgiving dishes to share in a buffet. During dinner, Miguel Vasquez played music from his native Venezuela on his mandolin.

Bev Steinman, M.D., director of the Siskiyou Community Health Center, spoke on a vital topic, “How to Make Behavioral Changes.” It was the perfect subject for the closing class, because by this time each student and staff member realized their need to make healthier lifestyle changes. She stressed the importance of making a few changes at a time and not being discouraged when you find yourself slipping back into old habits.

Each student received a certificate and a gift, and all came away with the resolve to be “Healthy by Choice—Not by Chance!”