Dillingham School Students Use Their Hands for Jesus

January 01, 2006 | Lorraine Carpenter

The students at Dillingham Adventist School have been looking for community-service projects. “Since Jesus is our example of a servant, the students at our school have been looking for ways to serve their community, just to let people know that they care for them and to bring some cheer into their day,” stated Lorraine Carpenter, a part-time teacher/volunteer at the school. “Jesus fed the multitudes, so the first thing they came up with was baking muffins on Friday mornings and delivering them to different people around the community. Thus far they have taken them to Grandma’s House, the police department, Jake’s Place, SAFE, and the men working on the new senior housing.”

On a recent Friday, Carpenter and Rod Rau, the full-time teacher at the school, were praying for a project when a phone call was received from the Bristol Bay Native Association (BBNA). They were having a conference that weekend, and their caterer for Friday's lunch backed out at the last minute. Someone had suggested that the conference planner call the Dillingham Adventist School, since the school often does fundraising dinners. BBNA offered to pay for the groceries if the school would make the lunches.

The students made 80 lunches that Friday morning with the assistance of three parents, Rod Rau and Lorraine Carpenter. The lunches included a sub sandwich, salad, juice and cookies. The students put scripture stickers on the outside of the bags and the kids' business cards in the bags. “It was quite a job, but fun,” reported Carpenter. “BBNA couldn't believe we did it for nothing. Rod Rau’s response was to tell them they were an answer to prayer.

Since BBNA is just across the street from the school, the students walked the lunches across the street and hand delivered them.