Backpacking on Mt. Adams

Ten backpackers from the Gladstone Park Church went from Potato Hill North to Cold Springs Camp South with side hikes at Crescent Glacier around Mt. Adams in August. The group included families, singles, and youth.

"It was safer to hike the 26 miles around the mountain by going west than on the east glacier area," said Jim Mattis, organizer of the backpackers. "I enjoyed the open meadows and saw where the animals slept. Everyone had a wonderful time, and we're coming back."

He and Bob Abrams explored the area back in June. Abrams said, "I really love exploring the great outdoors. It brings me closer to His creation like the animals we saw—elk, yellow-bellied marmot, mountain goats, and black-tailed deer."

"Watch out, Shadow!" said Paul Rivera to his dog who cornered a porcupine in a cave by a boulder. The group of hikers got a close-up of the action, but the porkie didn't use his quills.

Paul Johnson, Gladstone Park Church pastor, and his wife Corleen led the hikers in Sabbath worship at Looking Glass Lake that had a cascade waterfall and clear spring water.

Corleen Johnson fell when going downhill with her top-heavy backpack. "I only scratched my knee this time. Two years ago on a similar hike, a rock hit my head. It was a mountain-top experience being out in nature with fellow believers. Now we're back home to reality."

Featured in: December 2005