Puget Sound Seniors on the Road to Success

Puget Sound Adventist Academy (PSAA) strives for excellence in academics, spiritual endeavors and personal relationships. Of the 22 students graduating from PSAA this year, at least 17 plan to go to college, including 10 heading to Walla Walla College.

Sixteen students qualified for scholarships through leadership and their grade point averages. The journey has been one of hard work and dedication to education for these students.

Two students in particular have been recognized for their academic accomplishments: Jeanna Reuer and Joseph Harrison.

Reuer has been accepted to and decided to attend the University of Washington’s honors program to pursue a degree in nursing. Her desire to become a nurse started when she was a small girl and has continued through high school. She has attended Cypress Adventist School (Lynnwood, Wash.) and PSAA. This year she participated in a mission trip to Fiji, spending most of her time laying blocks for the church project and constructing pews. Some of her favorite memories of PSAA are spending time with her classmates. She has worked hard, and it has paid off as she prepares to continue her education and plan a career helping others.

Harrison applied to several colleges but was the most excited when he opened his letter of acceptance from Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). He attributes his success to PSAA’s supportive teachers, who are willing to give extra help when needed as part of his academic success. He has attended both Kirkland Adventist School and PSAA for the last nine years and is optimistic about the future. Harrison received recognition for his high ACT and SAT scores. As a senior, Harrison also participated in the school’s mission trip to Fiji, which made a lasting impact on him by seeing how the people of Fiji lived with so little and were happy. He spent most of his time in Fiji helping Vladimir Bokov, PSAA computer teacher, set up computers at the local school.

Although the students have demonstrated high academic excellence through scholarships and admittance into special collegiate programs, PSAA believes the greatest impact is through the spiritual connection. It is the prayer of faculty and board members to see each student move beyond high school into service for Jesus Christ.

Featured in: July 2005