Follow the Star

"Follow the Star" an outdoor nativity walk from Herod's palace to Bethlehem's manger, was presented by 20 Adventist churches to the general public at the Gladstone Park Conference Center in December 2004.

"There were a record 27 groups of people who viewed the event the last two nights, which helped increase the number to 3,500—500 more than last year," Paul Johnson, Gladstone Park Church senior pastor and presentation coordinator, said. "I appreciated the dedication of the entire staff who worked tirelessly every night."

Musical groups and individuals who performed selections while people were seated awaiting their numbers to be called were organized by Bob Ulrig, associate pastor, who said, "Each presentation was well done, and there were variations of some carols."

"I presented different types of Christmas music—contemporary and traditional," said one musician who played several numbers at different times.

"We enjoyed the tour," one couple said. "We are from the Mormon Church across the road, and we saw the advertisement when we drove by."

One guide who was wearing a fur coat to keep out the rain and wind said, "I came again this year to work because I enjoy it. I am a Presbyterian and go to church on both Saturday and Sunday."

"I didn't know you people believed in Christ!" exclaimed a man, who was waiting in the foyer after getting his ticket, as he picked up a brochure that was on a table. "I will take this pamphlet, What Seventh-day Adventists Believe, home to my family."

One assistant guide who came all six nights said, "Coming here every night was worth it just to see the children's eyes light up when they viewed the manger scene and to feel God's presence when we all knelt down to worship baby Jesus, the focus of the presentation."

Featured in: March 2005