Women of Spirit Dinners

Five Women’s Ministry leaders of Kitsap county churches hosted a dinner for 65 women at the Port Orchard Church fellowship hall, on Oct. 17. Members from all the area churches were encouraged to come and bring friends and neighbors. This was a time to celebrate Christ’s love for us with praise songs, special music and prayer. Free literature was available for each one to choose. Programs and favors were at each attractive place setting. Attendees were given an opportunity to help offset expenses at the end of the program.

Our guest speaker, Dawne Kirkwood, a mother of five, spoke about the process of birthing our dream by comparing it to the trimesters of pregnancy. While breast feeding, in small increments of 15 minutes, she wrote her book, Giving Birth to Me: The Guide to Success In Birthing Your Dreams (available at the ABC), she took us step by step through the physical process and emotional expenditure. Most inspiring, Kirkwood told how God gave her the dream to write the book, gave her the faith to believe she could do it, and the time and words to write. Christ gave her the support when she needed it and opened doors that seemed locked. She encouraged us to give our dreams to Christ.

Impressed by the Holy Spirit, Star Ross from Silverdale called women’s ministries leaders from Bremerton, Belfair, Poulsbo, and Port Orchard, and other interested individuals in August 2003 to plan dinners, a year in advance to celebrate Christ’s love for women in our churches and our communities. The Lord has blessed us with spiritual speakers, special music, many willing hearts and hands, and a facility big enough to host up to 110 women for three dinners (March, June and October of 2004). Sharing different duties such as decorating tables, dinners, and praise singing has helped to keep things balanced. We are trusting God to continue to lead us as we plan for two dinners a year. We decided to call the dinners, “Women of Spirit.” We called the publishers of Women of Spirit and received permission to use their name. We also distributed Women of Spirit to the women at our dinners.

Featured in: January 2005