New on the WWC Website: "About Face"

Walla Walla College's Website will soon debut a new feature designed to acquaint members of the college family with people they might not meet during the course of their day. "About Face" profiles randomly selected students, faculty, and educational support members with a short interview and a black and white portrait. A new profile will be added twice monthly throughout the school year.

Faculty member: Rob Frohne, professor of engineering

Describe yourself in three words:

One fortunate Ethiopian. (Consider the number of children born in Ethiopia, as I was, who have perished from malnutrition and disease, and then compare it to the number blessed with the opportunities I've had.)

Describe WWC in three words:

Excellence for God!

What do you value?

Honesty, trust in God, education, people . . .

How has WWC changed your life?

As a student here, I learned that in school and life, the important thing isn't the grade you get, it is what you learn.

Check WWC's Web site periodically to learn more about the people that make up our college family.

Featured in: December 2004