UCA Students Give Week of Prayer

The Upper Columbia Academy campus family recently came together for the annual Student Week of Prayer. The week provided an opportunity for students and faculty alike to reflect on their characters and how God could improve them.

The general student body chose twelve students they wanted to hear from. After accepting the invitation to speak, these student speakers went to Camp MiVoden for a couple of days. They spent their time worshipping God and asking Him to impress on them what He wanted the students at UCA to hear. Their sponsors Paul Lundgrin, Fred Riffel, and Tammy McGuire guided in this process and coached the students on how to speak effectively for the Lord. They chose their theme based on the song “Happier than Ever.” Each came back from the retreat with a burden on his or her heart and something to share with fellow students.

Every meeting began with songs of praise led by the entire team of speakers. Two speakers were featured each night and on Sabbath morning. Each topic illustrated that we can be “Happier than Ever” when we’re close to God and following Him.

Having the messages delivered by their peers dramatically increased their impact on the students. “Student Week of Prayer was awesome,” said senior Mindie Getty, reflecting the general response to the week. “I loved hearing what my friends had to say. And I felt much closer to God than I have in a long time.”

The Holy Spirit could be felt throughout the room while students listened to the various issues being addressed.

Following each meeting, students had the opportunity to remain in the sanctuary to pray. Faculty members were lifted up to God in prayer along with the student body and individual needs. The main prayer was for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the school, and that the fire kindled during the Week of Prayer could be kept alive. •

Featured in: April 2003