Goldendale Dentists Awarded Outstanding Young Businesspersons of the Year

David and Brenda Reimche-vu, both dentists, were presented with the Outstanding Young Businesspersons of the Year award, by the Goldendale, Wash., Jaycees. David and Brenda moved to Goldendale five years ago as a replacement dentist for Howard Kubler.

David was born and raised to the age of 11, in Vietnam. David and his aunt left Vietnam as boat people and eventually landed in Canada. He became a Seventh-day Adventist in Canada and attended Walla Walla College where he and Brenda met. Brenda grew up in a succession of small towns, some in the Columbia River Gorge, because her father, George Fullerton, is an Adventist church school teacher.

After attending dental school and with the Lord’s help, they came to Goldendale. All during this time, David and his aunt always had as their goal to bring the rest of the family out of Vietnam. Their complete family is now here, including David’s mother, father, and several siblings.

As professionals, David and Brenda have been great contributors to the Goldendale community, and have recently been featured in an article in the Klickitat County Public Utilities Department magazine, the Ruralite. David is a full-time dentist, while Brenda practices dentistry part time in addition to home-schooling the children and doing the office bookwork. •

Featured in: April 2003