West Seattle Laymen Lead Series

Ray Foster, an elder of the West Seattle Church kicked off a series of meetings last fall, with “Jesus as God—The Divinity of Christ.” For the next four Sabbaths, volunteers led three one-hour discussions each Sabbath at 9:30 and 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. The series included such topics as who Jesus is, how He leads the church, and how He works through the church. As Ului Teulilo, head elder, explained, “The main idea behind these meetings was to equip the church members with materials to be able to go out and witness.” And, as Teulilo stated during the final meeting on witnessing, “The work during end-times will be done by you and me—that is one of the purposes of these meetings.”

As both a speaker and participant, Oscar Santana reported that these meetings affirmed that the prophecies God gave are being fulfilled.

Cindy White, church Bible worker, said she felt the “the meetings gave us a unity of purpose.” The West Seattle Church heads into the winter, a little stronger and wiser—knowing more about the Savior, His example, and His desire for His bride, the church.

Featured in: February 2003