Washington Men Stand Firm

Singing, praying, cheering, laughing, snoring. These were just a few of the sounds heard during the ninth annual Washington Conference Men’s Convention, Nov. 15–17, 2002. Held at Sunset Lake Camp and Auburn Adventist Academy, the convention followed the theme “Standing Firm.” Breakout sessions inspired the men to stand firm on family finances, to better understand the meaning of prayer, to learn more about the male identity, to be more balanced and avoid burnout, and how to mentor young men. Dads were again encouraged to bring their teenage and/or young adult sons and many responded.

Keynote speaker Dick O’Ffill, Florida Conference Men’s Ministries Director, challenged the men to stand firm in their walk as Christians, making their homes places of prayer, dealing with their televisions, and remembering to be kind to one another. Rudy Micelli, Christian recording artist, added his singing and personal testimony.

Paul Roberts from the Lummi Church stated, “I had not planned to come this time, but my brother talked me into it. I wanted him to go, so I went. As soon as the first meeting began, I realized how important it was for me to be there.”

The challenge course at Sunset Lake provided a thrill for those who dared to participate. Many men kept their feet on the ground, cheering for those climbing from tree to tree on the ropes and cables. Others braved the climb up a tree to a high platform to be attached to a cable, and then stepped off for the ride of their lives on the zip line.

“Our men’s conventions are about encouraging one another on our journey to the kingdom,” says Phil White, Washington Conference Men’s Ministries director. “It’s inspiring to see how men are brought closer to Jesus through this experience. That’s why we do them year after year.”

Plan now to have your voice be heard singing, praying, cheering, laughing or maybe even snoring with those who will attend the tenth annual Men’s Convention, Nov. 14–16.

Featured in: February 2003


Greg Reseck

Cedarbrook Adventist Christian School principal and teacher