Meadow Glade Church Expansion

More than $3.3 million dollars has already been raised in cash and pledges toward Meadow Glade church’s $3.8 million expansion program.

Since construction began in May 2002, an attractively landscaped parking lot extends from the east side of the church all the way to the Meadow Glade nursing home and a new roof covers the existing church and new addition.

When completed

The new church facility will add nearly 20,000 additional square feet and more than 51,000 square feet of newly-developed, off-street parking and landscaping. It will provide 11 new classrooms, bringing all of the children’s divisions under one roof, and alleviating the need for adult Sabbath school classes from meeting in the sanctuary. It will also provide seven new offices; additional restrooms on all three levels of the church; and a fireside chapel, seating more than 250 guests, which will be available for seminars, weddings, funerals, and evangelism. A much needed fellowship hall will be added, with a full kitchen, providing appropriate space for outreach, both to our church families and to our community. There will be a new library in the current foyer; a new elevator accessible to all floors; and a covered portico attached to the open foyer/lobby, providing a welcoming environment for all.

The final touch

The sanctuary will receive a much-needed update, with a redesigned platform area and an expanded mother’s room. “As we move forward with God’s direction into the new century,” says Ken Crawford, senior pastor “this vision can become the reality on which our future is built.” •

Featured in: February 2003