Desmond & Frances Doss Impact the Community

The Cambridge Idaho Church hosted Medal of Honor recipient Desmond Doss and his wife Frances in Veteran’s Day services during the weekend of Nov. 8–9. But the weekend was not enough to contain invitations for the Dosses, who also participated in special services with other area groups and schools.

During their Sabbath presentations at the church, the Dosses shared the story of the 83-year-old veteran’s military experiences leading to his historic efforts during World War II. Doss received the Congressional Medal of Honor for saving the lives of 75 men from a bullet ridden escarpment in Okinawa. Just prior to the Sabbath morning service, Dwayne Kluchesky, Cambridge pastor, received a phone call from Wilfred Fox, of Midvale, Idaho. Fox suggested that Doss may have been one of the soldiers who cared for him, and called Doss and other medics “angels that saved our lives.”

During their stay, the Dosses also presented worship at the Canyon View Adventist School, helped the Donnelly Bible Church with a flag dedication, and gave a special presentation at the American Legion Hall in Cascade. On Veteran’s Day, they were guest speakers at the Midvale School and attended a luncheon honoring local veterans. John Cook, Midvale High School teacher, showed his class the video of Doss who was featured on “This is Your Life” in 1959.

The Dosses made an impression on the communities they visited. A number of individuals purchased the book, Desmond Doss: In God’s Care.

Featured in: February 2003