Columbia Academy Students Give the Gift of Life

Students at Columbia Adventist Academy (CAA) recently set a record for the highest percentage of eligible donors to volunteer to give blood. The American Red Cross requires that blood donors be at least 17 years old. David Allen, chairperson for CAA’s biannual blood drive, challenged the juniors and seniors to have 100 percent participation of those eligible. As a result, one hundred percent of the junior class, and ninety percent of the senior class came to give blood.

“Never before has such a high percentage of eligible donors ever been involved in a blood drive in Clark County, and probably even in the entire state,” declared Karen Werstein, of the American Red Cross. “We usually have five to ten percent of the general population that will volunteer to donate, and between 25 and 50 percent in a high school blood drive. That’s why what you did at CAA is so incredible. You saved the lives of 111 people by your gift of life.”

“Your students are a joy to work with. They smell better, act better, and talk better than do the general high school students. We can always count on Columbia Adventist Academy for a successful blood drive,” said the blood drive supervisor.

Featured in: February 2003