Appalachia Mission Trip 2002

The Appalachia 2002 Mission Trip quietly preached the gospel of the kingdom in Sommerset, Ky., to all who could see and hear. Twenty-seven eager people including students from Columbia Adventist Academy and local public schools, caring parents, and one enthusiastic youth pastor heard the call and obeyed. Each person accepted Christ’s commission to serve others, and was willing to contribute time, energy, and money to help with the project.

The CAA contingent merged with committed groups from Madison Academy and Georgia Cumberland Academy in Tennessee. The groups intermingled easily and took to each other in a short period of time, working as one for the benefit of all.

Everyone had the privilege of staying at the Galilean Home. The home is run by a benevolent Mennonite family who has blessed the lives of many less fortunate children—and the Appalachia Mission teams.

There were several job sites available, with a variety of tasks to choose from. Major tasks included putting up drywall, installing a furnace and associated duct work, and putting siding on a three-story house. Minor tasks included cleaning, patching, nailing, sealing, building, painting, and more cleaning. Amazing work was accomplished in the three short days there. •

Featured in: February 2003