Alaska Photo Stories

Northern Outing

Golden Heart Christian School students pose in front of the rustic lodge used as the meeting place during their annual fall campout, under the direction of Barbara Quaile, grades 1–4 teacher, Oct. 11–13, 2002. Located in Fairbanks, Alaska, the school is the farthest north school in the North Pacific Union. The students enjoyed such amenities as propane for cooking and lodge lighting, wood stoves to keep the cabins warm, and an outhouse. There was no electricity or plumbing. On Sabbath afternoon the students packaged the dry ingredients for a soup mix to be distributed by the Fairbanks food bank.

Sacred Melodies

Harpist Sigorney Moore is one of nine harpists in the Northern Sunrise Harp Ensemble who presented The Christmas Story under the direction of Helen Norton at the Fairbanks Church. Eight-year-old Sigorney began playing at age four and performs all music by memory. The group is primarily made up of community members.

Featured in: February 2003