Walla Walla College Adds Worship Options

Walla Walla College (WWC) has more Sabbath morning worship options this year than ever before.

One of them, “The Awakening,” began last year as a Thursday-evening worship group. This year, its student organizers have expanded their vision and now hope to provide organized prayer, Bible study, and service projects in conjunction with a Sabbath worship service.

Their aim is to create an ongoing, outwardly focused church experience that happens continually, not just once a week.

The Awakening

According to theology major Troy Ahrens, “‘The Awakening’ is a church community whose main focus is to foster a constant awareness of God’s presence.”

During fall quarter, Ahrens and fellow theology major Tyrone Bryan are delivering sermons based on the book of Ephesians. Small groups are accompanying the study in their own weekly meetings, based on the upcoming week’s sermon.

Meanwhile, senior theology major Jonny Hayasaka is leading a service program to offer ongoing opportunities for community involvement, and an open prayer meeting is held Wednesday evenings.


Another student-oriented, student-organized church service, “Battleground” meets twice a quarter and attracted 900 students to its first service of the year.

Sabbath Seminar

Several faculty members have created a new Sabbath-morning worship service. “Sabbath Seminar,” was organized by English professors Terrie Aamodt and Bev Beem, theology professor Doug Clark, and engineering professor Larry Aamodt. It replaces the traditional lesson study with a lecture, presented by a faculty member or community lecturer on a subject of spiritual interest, connected to their own professional field of interest.

Seminar topics this quarter have included inspiration, Middle-eastern culture, connections between poetry and prayer, and how religious perspectives influenced the Civil War.

Foreign Language

Several modern language groups on campus offer Sabbath school in foreign languages several times a quarter. The French Sabbath school class uses food to entice students out of bed on Sabbath mornings, with a breakfast of baguettes, jam, croissants, and hot drinks. The German Sabbath school class will have a Christmas-theme service Dec. 7, with carols and refreshments.

Featured in: December 2002