Cove Evangelism Brings in New Members

Members of the Cove, Ore., Adventist Church have welcomed five new members into their congregation, following evangelistic meetings conducted by Lyle Albrecht. During the same series, four Cove members recommitted themselves to the Lord through rebaptism.

Jack and Janet Mardis, of La Grande, Ore., and Kayley, Risa, and Tynan Frank, of Union, Ore., were baptized and joined the Cove congregation. Debbie and Daryl Millman, of Cove; Richard and Lynda Frank of Union, Ore., were re-baptized—all by Pastor Donavan Kack.

The small congregation also welcomed four incoming, transferred members: Rex and Ellen Beck, from Baker City, Ore., and Andy and Wilma Moore, from Salida, Colo.

Featured in: December 2002