Canby’s Bug Safari

Twenty-six children from the Canby Adventist Church and community buzzed around seven vacation Bible school exploration stations this summer.

Each day at “Bug Safari,” the children met in small, mixed-age groups to discover important Bible truths, helped by Chadder Chipmunk and five different Bible bugs.

Arnold Ant told them that though they were small, God can help them with mighty problems. Stilts Stick Bug assured them that God knows them inside and out, though they may look like sticks on the outside.

Angelica Firefly used her light to communicate and stay safe; Betty Butterfly showed them that God forgives and changes their hearts; Buddy Bee told them that God is a Friend who guides and always cares for them.

The children learned about Bible truths and Bible characters through role-playing, watching Bug Safari videos, singing, creating crafts, enjoying snacks, and playing outdoor games.

In one activity, school-aged children drew self-portraits inside Russian Bible coloring books and sent them to children in Eastern European orphanages, while pre-schoolers prepared Romanian Bible coloring books for children in Romanian orphanages.

Sheryl Evers coordinated the safari; Exploration Station leaders included Omar and Celia Portillo, Irene Simmons, Paulette Contreras, Marilyn Drake, Harriett Zook, and Elena Rohm.

Walter Portillo, Sinead Portillo, Michael Rohm, and Joan Doty served as Safari crew guides. Safety Officer David Drake helped with games.

Parents and grandparents, like María Dolores Aguayo, provided transportation for their own children and grandchildren and gave rides to community children, too, so all could enjoy learning about their big, awesome, amazing, wonderful God.

Featured in: December 2002